Straight forward pricing

50% Introductory Discount 
$15 off each month for first 6 months OR $165 off for 1st year

Standard Monthly

$ 30
USD per month

  • Unlimited Hosts
  • Unlimited breakout rooms
  • One permanent mainroom
  • Up to 100 participants 
  • Global / Room timers
  • Editable topics
  • Shareable links
  • Rapid Polling
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Video Recording

Standard Annual

$ 330
USD per year

  • All features as the monthly plan
  • 1 month free

Frequently Asked Questions

Our 30-day trial is fully featured and completely free.

You can run as many sessions as you'd like with up to 100 people across all your rooms.

Privacy and security is important to us.

We are built using the Jitsi as a Service platform which has received third-party validation of its HIPAA compliance.

Jitsi provides a fully encrypted point to point communication and is 100% open source. retains no participant information and only keep the information we collect upon registration and general tracking information to help us improve our platform.

Additional hosts are completely free in You can have as many people facilitating and hosting sessions as you'd like.

In fact hosts are not even required to run your events.

You can have an unlimited number of breakout rooms as long as the number of participants across all rooms in your room chain are less than 100.

It is possible depending on your conditions.

We'd love to help you so please contact us on as there isn't a specific plan that will allow this at the moment.

You can cancel or change your plan at anytime with no extra costs.

Just contact us on and we'd be happy to assist you.

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