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Dear Business Owner

My name is Peter Lee, Founder at, and I’d like to invite you to sign up for a free virtual office trial on Berst.

At Berst, it’s our mission to help transform the world by building virtual workspaces that provide an experience that surpasses the in the room experience. Simple, sleek, but still human. All the benefits of being able to work from anywhere mixed with the benefits of being at the office in person.

Many products that help businesses operate remotely feel either very transactional and impersonal, or gimmicky and distracting. You are either there, just for your meeting and meet only the people you intended to, or you need to navigate a virtual map to find someone that you would like to speak to.

Our existing customers say that “Berst is the closest thing to real life in a video conference” and that it provides “The most human video conferencing experience out there”, but it's hard to understand until you give it a try.

The reason why they say this, isn't because of the video call itself, but because our virtual office environment is completely unshackled from trying to recreate a physical experience. The Berst experience is designed first and foremost to be fast, simple and intuitive. It provides an elegant experience where you can bump into others in your office, and spark up those ad hoc conversations we miss from the in office experience. The simple and intuitive experience means that even the most technologically backward staff members will still be able to jump in straight away and get collaborating.

Here are our top 6 tips for your future Berst office

  1. Faster decisions happen when the door is open
  2. Build broader networks by hanging out in the lobby
  3. Create space for the moments in between meetings to occur
  4. “Peeking through the window” to see who’s there makes it easier to connect
  5. Encourage people to “shout out” like they can in the room
  6. Check who’s been speaking, to make a more inclusive workplace

Your free trial will allow you full access to all Berst features for 30 days free of charge to give you enough time to experiment and experience the difference.

Sign up for your FREE trial today and get instance access to:

  • 1 Main Room Chain with a lobby
  • Unlimited breakout rooms
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Room recording

Start your 30-day free trial today, with no obligations.

Well that’s it. We know we have to work hard to get people’s attention about making their virtual office better, but once you’ve joined you’ll find us open and hungry to help.

We'd love to see you on Berst


Peter Lee

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