Feature Overview

All the controls you need at your fingertips

Room Setup

Create breakout rooms

Create or remove breakout rooms on the fly or before an event

Shared links

Associate links with rooms making it easier share information

Editable topics

Set the topic of a room to make it easier for partcipants to move themselves purpose of the room is

Secure Rooms

Lock or password rooms to keep conversations private.

Show-hide breakout rooms

Show or hide breakout rooms changing room setups rapidly


Move yourself

Participants select which conversations they participate in

See participants numbers

See the names and number of participants in a room making it easier to decide where to go

Search Rooms

Find a room by its name, topic or participants to rapidly decide where you are going


Global & local timers

Global and local timers to keep conversations on track

Broadcast messaging

Broadcast messages to reach everyone in your room chain

Rapid Polling

Create a rapid poll in a few seconds to gauge the audience in real time

Ask for help from a room

Set an indicator highlighting that your room needs help from an organiser / facilitator.

Time up reminder

Receive a notification when the main room's timer expires so participants know when times up

Raised hand queue

View the order in which hands were raised allowing participants to self manage their conversations

Return everyone to the lobby

Return everyone back to the lobby from whichever room they are in with a 30 second warning


Up to 100 participants in a room

Have up to 100 people in a room.

Watch YouTube Together

Share a YouTube video directly to your participants avoiding the pain of screen share lag.

Room recording

Record rooms to share with your participants after


Livestream a room directly to Youtube to share your event and conversations with a bigger audience

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