Feature Overview

Berst provides simple intuitive controls to get your virtual environment setup as quickly and easily as possible

Virtual Basics

No Downloads

No downloads, more accessible, more secure

No Hosts

No host required to start a meeting

Always On 

Always available 24/7 

Main Room Controls

Restrict Anonymous Access

Restrict anonymous users so they can only see the one room they've been invited to

Disable Names & Recording

Prevent participants from seeing each others names or using the inbuilt recording feature

Room Controls by Domain 

Grant access to specifical controls to a group of users from a given domain instead of individually

Room Setup

Create and delete rooms

Create or remove rooms on the fly during or before an event

Share links

Associate links with rooms making it easier to share information

Edit topics

Set the topic of a room to add context about the meeting

Secure Rooms

Lock or password protect a rooms

Show-hide rooms

Show or hide rooms at will


Move yourself

Participants control which rooms they connect to just like in a physical office

See participants numbers

See who is in which rooms, making it easier to connect

Search Rooms

Find rooms and people quickly using room search


Global & local timers

Global and local timers keeping conversations on track

Broadcast messaging

Broadcast messaging allowing you to reach everyone in your virtual office

Rapid Polling

Rapid polling to gauge audience views in real time

Time up reminder

Notification when the global timer expires, so participants can rejoin the lobby.

Ask for help from a room

Set an indicator highlighting that a room needs help when you are running a workshop

Return everyone to the lobby

Force everyone back to the lobby with a 30 second warning


Up to 200 participants in a single room

Have up to 200 people in a room.

Watch YouTube Together

Avoid video lag by sharing a YouTube video directly

Room recording

Record a call for sharing later 


Livestream a room

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