Where should I go for an overview of how to get started with Berst?

For video recorded guides check out the Video Guides.
For a detailed written explanation of the core mechanics of running a VideoFacilitator event check out the Getting Started page.

How can I change my Payment Details?

Payment details can be updated via the admin dashboard.

How do I access the Admin Dashboard?

To access the admin dashboard you must login with the same email that you created your room with. A logins is not created automatically for you, so you will need to create a login.

How can I grant access for facilitators?

Facilitators can be granted specific controls via the admin dashboard. In order to access their controls they will need to create a login.

How can I cancel my account?

You can immediately cancel any rooms you own quickly and easily via the admin dashboard. Cancelling a room immediately cancelled the room and reduces your subscription.

Cancelling your last room, will automatically cancel your account.

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