Where should I go for an overview of how to get started with Berst?

For video recorded guides check out the Video Guides.
For a detailed written explanation of the core mechanics of running a VideoFacilitator event check out the Getting Started page.

How can I change my Payment Details?

Payment details can be updated via the admin dashboard.

How do I access the Admin Dashboard?

To access the admin dashboard you must login with the same email that you created your room with. A logins is not created automatically for you, so you will need to create a login.

How can I grant access for facilitators?

Facilitators can be granted specific controls via the admin dashboard. In order to access their controls they will need to create a login.

How can I cancel my account?

You can immediately cancel any rooms you own quickly and easily via the admin dashboard. Cancelling a room immediately cancelled the room and reduces your subscription.

Cancelling your last room, will automatically cancel your account.

How can I grant access to a domain?

Controls can be granted to a group of users from a given domain via the admin dashboard.

Can I prevent anonymous users from accessing my space?

Access can be restricted for anonymous users so that they are unable to see your office space.
This can be controlled via the admin dashboard.

Berst is running slowly, how do I fix this?

If you are working from a Laptop on battery mode your performance settings may significantly impact your call experience.

  • On Mac you should switch off Low Power mode when on battery
  • On Windows you should set your battery performance to Best Performance on battery

What are the system requirements to run Berst?

Where can I get help with using Berst?


Feel free to reach out to us on support@berst.io or reach out to one of our Service Partners

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